So What is The DEF Jam?

Welcome to the Design, Engagement and Facilitation (DEF) Jam! What is all this you ask?

We’re a bunch of designers, urban planners and policy nerds who are excited about design-based engagement and facilitation. We want to see design processes become part of the work that everybody does and this blog is our space to talk about all the ins and outs of this discipline.

Come along with us as we talk about the processes we’re experimenting with, the technology we play with, the case studies that fascinate us and the impact that design-based methodologies are having on the world. As people who are incessantly tinkering, asking questions and curious about how the human user interacts with the world, we may also offer unsolicited design advice on how to improve things we’re seeing and experiencing. We invite you to join in on these conversations!

We want this to be a space where this growing community of dreamers and doers can come together and help each other out, discover, share, seek advice and, in general,  collectively work to improve the discipline so that we can help the world become a better place for all. We love good ideas, disruptive methods, questioning norms, thoughtfulness and creativity. We believe in good positive thoughts, collaboration, being constructive and building a fair and just society.  

If you’re interested in our work, want to write, have an idea to share or just want to meet some super nice people, give us a shout! We would love to hear from you!

Come jam with us!  –>Say Hello!